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About Georgetown High Speed Internet Service

You know the old internet options here on the island has left something to be desired…

Most of the island suffers from inadequate internet service – extremely slow speeds to no internet
access at all are the norm. This problem is preventing the community from realizing the potential that
comes from having a good connection. From telemedicine, education, and entertainment options, the
internet is an increasingly critical part of all of our daily lives.

Georgetown Broadband is pleased to bring high speed internet is coming to Georgetown!

Our network:
• Can reach every home and business in Georgetown.
• Will address the growing needs of the town for the next twenty years and beyond.

Construction is already well underway and customers are being activated as quickly as possible with the goal of completing the project in mid-2023.

Georgetown Broadband’s partner, Maine-based internet provider Axiom Technologies, is overseeing the network’s
construction and Axiom will provide service to customers under its contract with Georgetown Broadband. Axiom will provide initial speeds ranging from 25/25 to 100/100 and faster speeds will be available in the future.

What does this mean to the community?

The system delivers pure fiber optics to each subscribers’ home. This solution:

  • Is the most reliable – fiber optics is very reliable technology; it just works, with very little down
    time, and signal quality doesn’t degrade with distance – unlike DSL.
  • Meets future demands – the system is designed to scale as bandwidth needs increase, without
    further investments being required.
  • Delivers value – You get what you pay for, you receive your subscribed amount of bandwidth,
    even when all your neighbors are gaming and streaming movies, and no matter where you
    live or work on the island.
  • Is a great deal – it’s price competitive with the alternative and offers what you aren’t getting
    now…great service!

What does this mean to you, the homeowner?
We are currently hanging wire and connecting homes to the service now. Our goal is 100% coverage of the island’s properties but property owners need to opt-in for this to happen.

Learn more about the project and sign up.

Georgetown Broadband and Axiom are excited to share the details about the new service with you.